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The mission of National Pharmacy is to see our business through the eyes of our customer, to exceed their expectations, and to provide the greatest selection and value in their pharmacy needs

What Sets National Pharmacy Apart

Bridgett, Social Worker at local hospital

“As a Social Worker/Case Manager at a hospital, my job is to have patients discharge needs met as quickly as possible. National Pharmacy staff is always professional, helpful and friendly. I always know I can count on them to handle requests in a quick timely manner. I love having a nurse come and teach patients and family while they are still in the hospital so they feel comfortable going home. National Pharmacy goes above and beyond for their clients. From the receptionist to the pharmacists, everyone is amazing!”

Branda Reinford, LPN at local Home Health Agency

“National Pharmacy has gone above and beyond any other pharmacy to reach our (and others) expectations! They have a very friendly, caring and understanding staff that has a huge heart for our patients. I have personally worked with National Pharmacy when I was in a bind with getting my patients injections ordered; National Pharmacy rushed processing the order, then met me out at the patient’s house to deliver the injection – all before 5 p.m. on a Friday! They are very organized and stay informed when the patient’s medications are due. They receive an ‘A+’ in our books! Thanks for everything you guys do!”

Family of Hollynn

“Enough cannot be said about how wonderful National Pharmacy was to deal with with our special needs daughter Hollynn. The best customer service by far from the people in the office, to the nurse liaison, to the delivery guy. An example is one Friday night we were stuck at a local ER needing to be sent home with an IV infusion and they were more than willing to make it work by the next morning keeping us from having to stay in the hospital for days for the infusion for days. A+++ service! Much appreciated”

Kathy Cason

“I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for your services. You worked a payment plan for me and my husband that we are able to comply with. My husband’s medical illness has caused many medical bills. I don’t know how we could afford the antibiotics that he needed to heal his wound without you guys providing a payment plan. Your service was great and your compassion greater. His wound is now healed and he was able to save his foot from amputation! Again, thank you and I will never forget the service you provided.”

John Colby Bizette, Social Worker at local hospital

“It’s always a pleasure working with the staff at National Pharmacy. The staff is warm, friendly, and always available at a moment’s notice. National Pharmacy treats their patients like family, and that is very comforting.”

Jerri Ray dePingre

“On August 1, 1988, our nine week old son, John Major, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). From the first home IV infusions, we have always used National Pharmacy. Our association with National has spanned more than 10 years. During that time, John Major graduated high school and enrolled at LSU in Baton Rouge. Any time he had to be hospitalized, National was always there fully cooperating with whatever we needed. Our home is about 45 minutes from the pharmacy office. They have always gone the extra mile to get us our meds as soon as we left the hospital; and delivered to our home once we were discharged. Anytime I am asked what pharmacy I recommend for home IV’s I always say ‘National’.”

Denise Busada

“I never knew I would be giving my husband IVs every 12 hours for 3 weeks at home. National Pharmacy made it so easy when my husband was on home IVs. We did not have Home Health so I would be doing every dose myself. Before I brought him home, the National Pharmacy nurse gave me the training and confidence to do it. The device was so easy to use. I never had to worry about waiting on his medication because they always called me to make sure I had everything I needed.”

Tyisha Martin, Social Worker at local hospital

“I have had the pleasure of working with National Pharmacy. The experience is always great. They always call you back and never leave you waiting for answers. Terri in the pharmacy is always helpful as well as Alex and Maria. Overall, National Pharmacy Rocks.”

Jana Henry – Nurse Case Manager at University Health Hospital

“I’m a Nurse Case Manager at University Health Hospital. National Pharmacy is my #1 go to for any home medications. The staff is outstanding and super friendly. There was one time I needed the pt’s meds made after hours for a child. National Pharmacy went above and beyond to get those meds to the patient for discharge. Thank you so much for all you do. Ya’ll made my job so much easier. It is nice to have a company so reliable and friendly. Thanks- Mollie, Susan, Alex, Maria, and everyone else that does such an awesome job!”

Wanda L.

“I have been so impressed with National Pharmacy. The staff at this company is awesome. Everytime I called to order medication and supplies, the people have always been very nice and we always got the things we needed the very next day. Having this antibiotic at home has been great in so many ways. I’m thankful that I have these antibiotics that you can get instead of staying in the hospital. Thank you.”

Aimee, RN at local Home Health Agency

“During the last 11+ years that I have been blessed to be in the Home Health setting, I cannot recall even one time that National Pharmacy and the amazing TEAM of professionals that make it what it is, have let me, or more importantly, a patient down. I have called NUMEROUS members of the National Pharmacy TEAM at all times of the work day, AFTER hours, weekends, and Holidays for NUMEROUS reasons. INCLUDING, but not limited to: new patients needing home IV therapy set up at 4:18pm on a Holiday weekend; current patients that ‘lost’ their IV supplies and needed more delivered to them within the hour; Guidance from Terri or Mollie (Pharmacists) about what labs should be monitored with certain meds; how a patient reacted to an infusion and brainstorming to figure out how to make the next one better for them; questions about medication interactions, IV pump alarms, tubing issues, etc; and even at times, desperate pleas for HELP in trying to find out if a patient even has a prescription plan in effect or can afford HOME therapy prior to being discharged home. My point is, FROM the cheerful, bubbly voice of Latoya greeting you when you call, to speaking with ANYone that deals with ‘infusions/injections’ (Kari/Terry/Mollie ), to the phone calls from the RN infusion liaisons with report on how a patient/caregiver did with self-administration, to sweet Maria who comes to visit ME at my office, it is apparent that NATIONAL PHARMACY and it’s TEAM MEMBERS care about each and every patient that they serve. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! YOU ROCK!! KOKO!! (Keep On Keeping On)”

Austin Beard, BS, NREMT-P Clinical Manager, Urgent Care of Louisiana

“In my professional career I worked alongside many organizations. None have consistently exceeded my expectations such as National Pharmacy. I know that when we work together that all the details will be organized and completed professionally. Their staff is efficient, competent, and always willing to go the extra mile for our patients.  It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with National Pharmacy and look forward to a long relationship.”

Mary W. Brown

“The mat that was provided is outstanding with information explaining how to administer medication. I would not want to look at the written directions each time I needed to connect to the picc line. It is so easy with each step being given on the mat. Great job in deisiging the mat!!! Thank You Very Much”

Clifford T.

“National Pharmacy was very kind and helpful during our time with a PICC line. We were provided with everything we needed and professional courtesy.”

Susan J.

“I would like to thank Alison Watson with National Pharmacy for all the help and detailed instructions on the handling and administry of the antibiotics I was sent home with. She made it clear and demonstrated everything hands on. I felt so much better about coming home with the PICC and antibiotics. I really appreciate all the help and instructions. “

Denise C.

“We would like to thank National Pharmacy for all their help. Their service is prompt and efficient. We appreciate Alison Watson for ALL of her assistance. She is an excellent teacher and makes sure that you understand everything that you should be doing. Again, thank each one of you for your understanding and service during this time of my sister’s healing process. We would highly recommend your service to others.”

Emmie J.

“I would like to thank the National Pharmacy team for the kind help they gave us in the past. They made sure everything was done and they also followed up on everything.”

Ann W.

“We met with Alison at Highland Care on May 25, 2017 and it was the most informative meeting on using the machine, the assembly, parts. I thank God for Alison seeming like a family member being patient and answering questions until we understood. She is very detailed and genius at explaining.”

Delwan G.

“I had never worked with a picc line before. Since our son was coming to live with us after surgery and had contracted a staph infection, I was about to learn what to do. He was going to need an I.V. drip 3 times daily. National Pharmacy was going to furnish the medication for them. A nurse working for National, Miss Alison, came to rehab and taught me how to give the I.V. drip and how to flush the tubes. She must have been a great teacher because I didn’t mess-up on doing it. The staff at the pharmacy were wonderful. Any time I needed supplies, all I had to do was call and the would even deliver them to our home. I can truthfully say that this is one of the best group of people that I have has the privilege of working with. I am very thankful for them. My son has now completed 6 weeks of I.V. therapy and is doing well.”

Celina P.

“Alison was fantastic! She is the epitome of a professional. She presented the information to us clearly with awesome handouts that assisted at home. I felt confident in administering my dad’s infusion!”

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