LTC Pharmacy Management

The Mission of LTC Pharmacy Management is to see our business through our customer’s eyes and exceed their expectations in providing the greatest selection and value in their pharmacy needs.

Customer Service Focus

LTC Pharmacy Management listens to their marketing and nursing teams in the field, referrals, clinicians, patients, and caregivers to gain valuable feedback, good or bad, to help improve their customer experience.

Additionally, LTC Pharmacy Management offers personalized service from dedicated and experienced Billing Specialists who work closely with nursing home facilities to ensure accurate billing. Billing Specialists are available to assist facilities and families with pharmacy billing concerns.

LTC Pharmacy Management coordinates personalized routine medication deliveries for each nursing facility and are monitored to meet each customer’s needs. When emergency situations occur, all medication orders are quickly processed and delivered as soon as possible.

The company also provides each nursing facility with a staff pharmacist who is on call 24/7/365. Med carts, emergency drug kits to avoid a delay in resident care, fax machines and various education programs are also provided to each customer in order to meet the individualized needs of each nursing facility.


LTC Pharmacy Management believes that staying on the cutting edge of technology will give them the ability to better meet their customers’ growing needs. In house, they utilize the largest independent LTC Pharmacy Software, which allows them to be versatile in the ever-changing marketplace of healthcare.

Formulary Management

LTC Pharmacy Management offers complete Part A formulary solutions with research to back it up and cost containment strategies for their customer base. The company offers PBM services for Part A formulary as well, which guarantees their customers the contract pricing they negotiated.

Purchasing Power & Reimbursement Rate

LTC Pharmacy Management can offer volume discounts due to their size and membership in the largest nationwide LTC global purchasing organization. The company can also offer highly competitive reimbursement negotiations through membership in the largest independent LTC Pharmacy network in the nation.

Corporate Compliance

LTC Pharmacy Management takes corporate compliance very seriously. To navigate this highly regulated industry, LTC Pharmacy Management adopted an in-depth Compliance Program, including but not limited to, FWA training and attestation, OIG and EPLS Exclusion Database checks on employees and vendors, customer and referral-based gift tracking, confidentiality and Code of Conduct training.

HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

Pursuant to changes cited in 42 CFR & 45 CFR pertaining to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act and the Health Information Technology for Economic & Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, LTC Pharmacy Management adopted a new set of corporate governance policies and procedures. They have also developed and implemented a work plan and comprehensive training program to address the various Audit Protocols for protection of HIPAA information and Security Rule standards for implementation of IT. 

Medicare Compliance

Each year, LTC Pharmacy Management takes a serious look at the OIG Workplan. From the Workplan, we develop our strategies for not only maintaining Medicare compliance, but also for our internal auditing and QA procedures, employee training enhancements, and modifications to billing practices. LTC Pharmacy Management has a standing business relationship with a leading Medicare Compliance firm to keep abreast of the regulatory changes and Safe Harbor interpretations.