Delwan G.

“I had never worked with a picc line before. Since our son was coming to live with us after surgery and had contracted a staph infection, I was about to learn what to do. He was going to need an I.V. drip 3 times daily. National Pharmacy was going to furnish the medication for them. A nurse working for National, Miss Alison, came to rehab and taught me how to give the I.V. drip and how to flush the tubes. She must have been a great teacher because I didn’t mess-up on doing it.

The staff at the pharmacy were wonderful. Any time I needed supplies, all I had to do was call and the would even deliver them to our home.

I can truthfully say that this is one of the best group of people that I have has the privilege of working with. I am very thankful for them. My son has now completed 6 weeks of I.V. therapy and is doing well.”