Aimee, RN at local Home Health Agency

“During the last 11+ years that I have been blessed to be in the Home Health setting, I cannot recall even one time that National Pharmacy and the amazing TEAM of professionals that make it what it is, have let me, or more importantly, a patient down.

I have called NUMEROUS members of the National Pharmacy TEAM at all times of the work day, AFTER hours, weekends, and Holidays for NUMEROUS reasons. INCLUDING, but not limited to: new patients needing home IV therapy set up at 4:18pm on a Holiday weekend; current patients that ‘lost’ their IV supplies and needed more delivered to them within the hour; Guidance from Terri or Mollie (Pharmacists) about what labs should be monitored with certain meds; how a patient reacted to an infusion and brainstorming to figure out how to make the next one better for them; questions about medication interactions, IV pump alarms, tubing issues, etc; and even at times, desperate pleas for HELP in trying to find out if a patient even has a prescription plan in effect or can afford HOME therapy prior to being discharged home.

My point is, FROM the cheerful, bubbly voice of Latoya greeting you when you call, to speaking with ANYone that deals with ‘infusions/injections’ (Kari/Terry/Mollie ), to the phone calls from the RN infusion liaisons with report on how a patient/caregiver did with self-administration, to sweet Maria who comes to visit ME at my office, it is apparent that NATIONAL PHARMACY and it’s TEAM MEMBERS care about each and every patient that they serve.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! YOU ROCK!! KOKO!! (Keep On Keeping On)”